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Hymatek launches new platform

Hymatek is proud to present, Connexi™, our next generation controller platform, dedicated for hydro power applications. The news was well received, when presented to a selection of end users, partners and consultants at a Hymatek workshop 1th of November 2016.

Hymatek aims to have the best and most flexible products on the marked. The development team has been reinforced over the past years and the Connexi platform is a result of these efforts. This is a versatile, flexible and future-oriented controller platform.

The first product to be using the new platform is the electronic governor, Hydrotrol®20. It will be ready for marked on the 1th of March 2017. Please see the attached video to learm more about Connexi.

To learn even more please download our product sheets for Connexi and for Hydrotrol. Feel free to contact us to hear more about our new products and development efforts. Please keep an eye on our website in the bear future, for more exciting news.










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