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Contract on Ringedalen Kraftverk

Hymatek has signed a contract for delivery of an electrical package to Ringedalen hydropower plant. Ringedalen is a new hydropower plant for Statkraft. Hymatek delivery consists of control and switchgear, protection and auxiliary systems, 66KV and 24kV cables, installation and commissioning.

Control facility is a HYMACON® 12 system, which relies on Hymatek proprietary aggregate controller HYMAREG®. HYMAREG handles all time-critical operations and acts as turbine governor and excitation unit, while other control systems functionality is built into PLCs.

“The HYMACON concept has been developed with principles of small and compact hydro. Standardization has always been a focus. Keeping the costs low has been extremely important in the development of HYMACON as a product. We are very happy for the opportunity Statkraft has given us and we look forward to start on the project”, says CEO Hymatek Controls, Terje Brekke.

Daglig leder i Hymatek Controls, Terje Brekke, sammen med Statkrafts utbyggingssjef Nordisk Vannkraft, Jon Ulrik Haaheim.

CEO Hymatek Controls, Terje Brekke and Statkrafts utbyggingssjef Nordisk Vannkraft, Jon Ulrik Haaheim.

About the Project
Ringedalen hydropower plant is to be built in Tyssedal area. The plant consists of 2 x 11,5MW horizontal Pelton machines with average production of 60GWh. The plant is scheduled for completion in 2017.
For further information about the project, please see here: http://www.statkraft.no/media/pressemeldinger/2015/statkraft-bygger-ringedalen-kraftverk/
About Products
For information about Hymatek products, please see here: http://www.hymatek.no/produkter/

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