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Connexi is our main controller platform. Connexi takes care of low-level signal processing and implements the control algorithms in many of our products. For instance our governor– and excitation products.

Connexi is a microcontroller-based control unit and it is designed to supersede our previous platform which has been delivered since 2004. The controller comes with a display unit which is used for commissioning, fault diagnosis and general display of values to plant personnel.

Connexi also comes with a remote user interface capability via TCP/IP which for example can be situated in the plant control room.

Great usability

Great usability cut costs because less time is spent on training, troubleshooting and inefficient administrative tasks. Therefore much focus in the Connexi design has been to streamline the most common work processes: configuration, plant testing, fault diagnosis and real-time logging.

  • Situational awareness: The user interface is designed to give the operator an immediate situational awareness.
  • Comissioning: Multiple tools exist to streamline the work processes around the platform and the built-in test functions are easy to use.
  • Troubleshooting: Service missions today involves many hours spent on finding the problem rather than fixing it. This is often due to poor usability in the plant’s control systems. Connexi minimizes this time by presenting current and historical errors in a clean and user-friendly way so plant personnel can do more on their own.

High quality

We create high-quality software by making standard software rather than plant-specific software. Plant customization is accomplished through a custom configuration which enables desired functions and defines controller behavior for a specific plant.

  • Standard software: The same software across all plants ensures a well-tested product.
  • Competence: Our internal competence on hydropower and control systems and external competence on electronics and software were combined to give the highest possible quality of the plattform.
  • HIL simulation: Both the most common and the most exceptional scenarios are tested in simulations before the new software is released. We do this through Hardware in the Loop simulation which provides realistic simulations right at our office desks.

Long lifetime

Products with a long lifespan will experience many upgrades during its lifetime. This requires an architecture that supports both standard software updates and larger upgrades that introduces a whole new technology into the product.

  • Vendor neutrality: Having our own controller platform we can develop our products in new exciting directions without being tied to a specific vendor.
  • Upgrades: Our products are being continuously developed based on customer feedback and industry requirements. Connexi is designed in such way that it can evolve freely at the same upgrading from an old version is still a smooth process.
  • Software versions: Defined interfaces towards other systems are especially important when many vendors are present. Connexi’s standardized software versions and defined interfaces make management of compatibility easier for all parties.

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