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Unit Controller

HYMAREG® 10 is a very compact and cost efficient Unit Controller, primarily intended for smaller units. We have emphasized low cost and good functionality in the development of the unit.


HYMAREG 10 main functions are:

  • turbine governing
  • voltage regulation
  • water level control
  • generator synchronization
  • speed monitoring

Within each main function, the available functions are complete for the requirements of small hydro. From a technical point of view, the apparatus is on the same high level as our separate products.

HYMAREG 10  is available in two different variants. HYMAREG 10B is primary intended for brushless applications  (or smaller static applications) and HYMAREG 10S for static excitation.

The apparatus may be integrated in the control system by means of conventional interface or by a Modbus protocol. HYMAREG 10 has a simple HMI for operation and parameterization. It is also available a HMI application for PCs. The apparatus may be delivered in a separate enclosure or on a mounting-plate for assembly in the control cabinet.

The HYMAREG 10 is the core of our small hydro control system (HYMACON ® ).

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