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Hymatek with its first contract on Hydrotrol 20P and GOPS with Connexi platform.

Hymatek has entered into a new contract for delivery of turbine governors and oil pressure systems. This time we have signed an agreement with Tussa Energi AS for deliveries to both units in Tussa power plant.

The delivery will take place in the first quarter of 2018 with commissioning in the second quarter of the same year. Hymatek’s delivery consists of:

  • Turbine governor Hydrotrol 20P with Connexi platform.
  • Speed ​​monitoring TUVA 20 with Connexi platform.
  • Oil pressure system GOPS 600 with Connexi platform on pump control.

This is the first new Hymatek contract which is based on the new Connexi platform, and the first delivery we have with the newly developed Connexi based pump control. Hymatek is very enthusiastic about how Tussa wants new technology in its power plants and are looking forward to cooperate on this project.

PS: This is not the first Hydrotrol 20 that is being delivered. The first Hydrotrol 20F with Connexi platform was commissioned in August 2017 as a variation order on existing contract. Read more about it in this link

About Tussa power plants:

Tussa Power Plant is located on beautiful Sunnmøre. Click on this link for more information about Tussa Power Plant (Tussa website, Norwegian)

About the products:

Click on these links to learn more about the products:

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