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Hymatek Controls delivers excitation equipment and AVRs to all generator sizes and generator types. Two main types are available; brushless excitation and static excitation.


MAGNOSTAT 1xB is intended for small generators direct magnetizing, or magnetizing of brushless generators with AC field machinery. MAGNOSTAT 1xB is also used as a voltage regulator for DC field machines on older generators where it is only a need for replacement of the existing voltage regulator.

Equipment can be fed with DC voltage, 1 – or 3-phase AC voltage with feeding frequency in the range up to 1 kHz. DC voltage can be used as a backup for the AC 1-phase feeding can be a. MAGNOSTAT 1xB can be supplied with a range of options, such as:

  • 2-channel design (redundancy in both rectifier and voltage regulator)
  • Cosφ-controller
  • VAR-controller
  • Generator synchronization function
  • Serial communication
  • 5.6 ” or 10.4″ color control panel with graphical touch


MAGNOSTAT 1xS is intended for generators direct magnetizing (static excitation). It is equipped with a 3-phase full-controlled thyristor-rectifier that can be equipped to meet magnetizing need for all sizes and types of synchronous generators.

MAGNOSTAT 1xS can be adapted to a wide range of functions i. e., from very simple design for smaller units up to complex solutions for large units with extensive requirements to features and redundancy, typical options:

  • Redundancy in the rectifier
  • Redundant electronic governor
  • Cosφ-controller
  • VAR-regulator
  • Generator Synchronization function
  • Power system stabilizer
  • Electric brake
  • Serial communication
  • 5.6 “or 10.4” color control panel with graphical touch screen.


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