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Governor Oil Pressure System

Hymatek supplies complete oil pressure systems (GOPS) and controls for all types of turbines.

GOPS® 100 – 3600

GOPS  (Governor Oil Pressure System) is available in different sizes and and is customized to the the turbine. Oil pressure systems including pump control are compact with easy access for service and maintenance. The oil tank is supplied in stainless steel, thus avoiding need for surface treatment. Hydraulic components are “off the shelf”. The components are selected based on the need for high reliability, low noise level and limited oil temperature.

The GOPSis adapted to the turbine, it can be used for small to large and complex applications.

  • All types of turbines and sizes
  • Is delivered in compliance with relevant IEC og IEEE standarder
  • Cost effective design comprising off the shelf components with esay access for service and maintenance
  • Can be adapted with a large variety of options
  • Heigh reliability and availability

Hymatek Controls offers GOPS as part of turbine governor projects, as part of the new turbine projects or as a standalone product. We also supply new servos and other relevant equipment for a complete hydraulic installation. We specialize in upgrading low pressure systems and replace them with new 100-140 bar solutions. With our expertise, we are also able to assess and re-design the system based on the waterway, turbine type and relevant specification.

The GOPS can be equipped with relay, PLC or Connexi® based pump control. The communication with other devices may be carried out either with a conventional wired interface or by using the serial communication bus.


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