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Control System for Small Hydro


HYMACON is Hymatek’s control system for small hydro applications.

HYMACON handles both HMI and control of the unit in one compact unit, this includes both the turbine governor and excitation. HYMACON handles everything from the turbine, main valves, generators and to the circuit breakers and more. The system is very compact (1-2 cabinets) and it can easily be scaled according to requirements.

HYMACON is built around the unit controller HYMAREG® 10, a combined turbine regulator, excitation unit and automatic synchronization function. The controller isproven and thoroughly tested and it provides functionality developed with requirements from larger systems. All time critical functions are handled by the HYMAREG 10 controller while a parent PLC takes care of sequence control, local operator panel, alarm handling, analog monitoring and communication with the operating center.

The control system is operated with a 15 “operator panel mounted in the cabinet door. It is also prepared for remote control via the web where you may have access to the same features as available locally.

By using HYMACON you keep costs low. You get a design with fewer interfaces and a system with functionality that meets the requirements of larger systems.

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