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Synchronization Relay

All turbine governors and controllers from Rainpower have optional synchronizing relay functionality. With HYMASYNK this feature is available in a separate apparatus. HYMASYNK can be used in new applications or as a substitute for HT17 or IKA 4.


HYMASYNK is an automatic synchronizer for phasing of generators towards grid systems; excitation of dead bus/grid, and for coupling of synchronous and asynchronous grids (paralleling).

The technique has been developed based on the integrated synchronization feature in earlier versions of the electronic turbine governor, which has been delivered since the beginning of the 1990s.

The technique in HYMASYNK is based on more than 40 years of experience with electronic synchronizing devices, including HT17, IKA 4, RES010 which are integrated features of the electronic turbine governors HPC160, HPC650 and HYDROTROL® 1x.

The HYMASYNK device is based on the same electronics as our current series of turbine and voltage, ie HYDROTROL® 1x and MAGNOSTAT® 1x.

The apparatus can control voltage and frequency set points in the generator either by means of conventional interface and increase/decrease signals, or by set point values over Modbus protocol. The switch command is given by two serial-connected relay contacts, governed by separate modules in the software.

The device is available in several versions:

HYMASYNK 10: Generator Synchronization, standard two-channel design.
HYMASYNK 12: Generator Synchronization, two-channel design with redundant electronics.

When developing HYMASYNK, retro-fitting of have been taken into account. The device may be used to replace old synchronizing relays of type HT017 and IKA 4

HYMASYNK 10 can be supplied with different mechanical and electrical adjustments:

  •     for mounting on standard DIN rail or panel mount.
  •     with the addition of the interface in place of HT017
  •     with the addition of the interface in place of IKA 4

The interface apparatus HT17 comes with frame suitable recess for HT17 and plug put in HT17.

The interface for IKA 4 comes with the unit frame suitable recess for IKA 4, and connectors used in the IKA 4

This means that the synchronization device can easily replace old appliances, no mechanical or electrical modifications to the plant, or in the existing plant documentation.

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