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Hymatek Controls have employees with high competence. We perform service on all excitation equipment and turbine governors delivered by ALSTOM, ABB AS, ASEA, NI, NEBB, BBC, Kværner and GE.

We offer:

  • Upgrades for older excitation and turbine governors. We have cost effective solutions for this.
  • Condition control / revisions and service of existing equipment
  • Control analysis of turbine and waterway to identify optimal parameters
  • Control analysis for the excitation equipment to find optimal parameters for AVR and PSS settings

We deliver service 24/7 and we send engineers on short notice if necessary. For assistance during opening hours, please use our main number (+47 23 37 80 40). For assistance outside this period, please see this page.


Org.nr. 912 183 262 – switchboard: +47 23 37 80 40 - Visit and postal address: Ole Deviks vei 18, 0666 Oslo, Norge
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