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Hymatek Controls performs control and inspections of existing governors. Transition to new operational strategies will often require  more frequent start and stop of units, giving much greater thermal and mechanical stresses on the equipment. Components like breakers and contactors get increased wear due to higher operating frequency than before.

More and more operators looking to upgrade their old regulators. This can be to get access to new functionality, increase availability of spare parts, increase the availability of the equipment and to prolong expected life time. Hymatek Controls has extensive experience and cost-effective system solutions for upgrading existing excitation and turbine governor systems. We also have considerable expertise in the upgrade of hydraulic power units and servo motors in the transition to high-pressure solutions. Old Kvaerner/Kværner equipment is our specialty.

We have extensive knowledge and experience upgrading the following electronics (not a complete list):

HPC160, HPC161, HPC180, HPC185, HPC605, HPC640, HPC650, HPC810, HT22, IKA-RES, LV22, LV26, SF7, TC110, TC210, etc.

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