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About us

Hymatek Controls AS is a part of the Rainpower group (www.rainpower.no). We are a specialist company that employs over 30 dedicated workers. We are committed to maintain Norwegian expertise with the fields of turbine governing and excitation. We are focusing on building competence by transferring knowledge and experience from senior to junior employees. We are constantly on the look for new talented employees and we always accept general applications.

Our organization

  • We have one of Scandinavia’s strongest environments within the fields of turbine governing and excitation
    • More than half of the staff holds a technical master’s degree (M.Sc)
    • 40% holds a technical a bachelor’s degree (B.Sc)
    • Two employees with Ph.D.
  • We are a lean and flexible organization that focus on improving efficiency and entrepreneurship
  • Our key employees are seniors with solid technical expertise and considerable experience
  • We focuses on recruiting talented people with professional ambitions.
  • The average age is 41 years (2015)



Org.nr. 912 183 262 – switchboard: +47 23 37 80 40 - Visit and postal address: Ole Deviks vei 18, 0666 Oslo, Norge
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