Turbine Governor and Waterway Dynamics course with ICH

During the period 4.12 – 8.12, courses in Turbine Governor Principles and Waterway Dynamics were held by ICH. This year, Hymatek Controls was invited as a contributor to the course. The course was held at the Kafue Gorge Regional Training Center in Zambia.

Kafue Gorge regional training center

ICH – International Center for Hydropower – is a zero-profit organization supported by NORAD, which, through courses and other activities, aims to increase competence and promote sustainable development in hydropower. Read more about the work of ICH on their website: http://www.ich.no/

The course in 2017 collected a total of 16 participants from Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania and Nepal.

Some of the participants during the trip to Kafue Gorge power station

From Hymatek, Bjørnar Svingen and Kristoffer Kjelstadli addressed the topics of waterway dynamics and electronic turbine governor. There was great interest from the participants and many questions during both sessions.

There was also a trip to the Kafue Gorge power station.

The Kafue Gorge was built between 1967 and 1973 and consists of six Francis units of 150 MW each. Several Norwegian suppliers were involved in the construction of the power plant and Kværner was the supplier of the turbine


In recent years, Hymatek has delivered new electronic turbine regulators, Hydrotrol 10F, to all six units.


There were clear signs of Norwegian builders in the power plant and some rather special tools:









As part of the course, all participants presented the power system in their home country. For most countries access to electricity was below 20%. Potential for hydropower is obviously large in parts of Africa.

Hymatek Controls would like to thank ICH and all of the participants for a fantastic course and we hope that we will be invited to contribute again.

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New record for commissions!

This fall, Hymatek Controls has completed a new record for number of commissions.


So far this year, Hymatek employees have completed nearly 70 commissions, and the forecast for the year is 80. This is almost 30% higher than last year.





A large part of the day-to-day activity in Hymatek is commissioning. This gives us hands-on experience and a varied working day. In addition, we have the opportunity to work closely with our customers during exciting rehabilitations. This is something we all appreciate in Hymatek!


Hymatek is already in the process of training more resources and new employees. This will give Hymatek even greater flexibility for commissioning in the coming years.


We would like to thank all customers who have chosen Hymatek as a supplier for their exciting projects!

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Two new employees in Hymatek Controls

Hymatek have hired two new employees.

Edel Rødsjøsæther was employed 1.10 as project manager for excitation projects. Edel is educated electrical engineer from HiST and has experience from hydropower, land-based industry and offshore industry. Edel is working on multiple projects including new excitation system for Holsbru and Vessingfoss HPP.

Øyvind Johnsen Bækkemoen was employed 1.11 as commissioning engineer. Øyvind is a graduate engineer from the University of Stavanger in automation and signal processing and has experience from the shipping industry. Øyvind will work as commissioning engineer for all our products on site, and as a test engineer in our workshop. Øyvind has gr. L certificate.

Hymatek Controls have 32 employees with a very high level of competence. Among us are now 2 Ph.D., 18 M.Sc., 10 B.Sc. and 2 skilled workers with a total of 569 years of experience from hydropower.

Both Edel and Øyvind will give Hymatek increased competence and flexibility. We wish you a warm welcome!

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Hymatek with its first contract on Hydrotrol 20P and GOPS with Connexi platform.

Hymatek has entered into a new contract for delivery of turbine governors and oil pressure systems. This time we have signed an agreement with Tussa Energi AS for deliveries to both units in Tussa power plant.

The delivery will take place in the first quarter of 2018 with commissioning in the second quarter of the same year. Hymatek’s delivery consists of:

  • Turbine governor Hydrotrol 20P with Connexi platform.
  • Speed ​​monitoring TUVA 20 with Connexi platform.
  • Oil pressure system GOPS 600 with Connexi platform on pump control.

This is the first new Hymatek contract which is based on the new Connexi platform, and the first delivery we have with the newly developed Connexi based pump control. Hymatek is very enthusiastic about how Tussa wants new technology in its power plants and are looking forward to cooperate on this project.

PS: This is not the first Hydrotrol 20 that is being delivered. The first Hydrotrol 20F with Connexi platform was commissioned in August 2017 as a variation order on existing contract. Read more about it in this link

About Tussa power plants:

Tussa Power Plant is located on beautiful Sunnmøre. Click on this link for more information about Tussa Power Plant (Tussa website, Norwegian)

About the products:

Click on these links to learn more about the products:

Hydrotrol 20

Tuva 20



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First valve control on the Connexi platform commissioned

Hymatek has delivered and commissioned a valve control on the Connexi platform. This is another milestone in the development of Connexi. 

The scope of the project was the replacement of an existing PLS for controlling the main inlet valve. Connexi was therefore built into existing cabinet with the same interface to the control system and the main inlet valve. A human machine interface was installed on site according to the customer’s own request. The display enables easier troubleshooting for operating personnel because of the clear picture of the opening and closing sequence



Hymatek have received good feedback on the product and is working on further development. The use of the display for safe securing of the main inlet valve is one of the development task that is ongoing. In addition, the use of Connexi will enable increased monitoring and trending of the main inlet valve system.

Connexi valve control can be delivered with all of our valve controls. Valve Control

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