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Condition Monitoring


Hymatek Controls Condition Monitoring System is a complete system for condition monitoring for predictive maintenance of hydro power plants using machine learning and cloud solutions. We cover the complete chain from sensors to data storage in data center databases, with visualization and analysis for anomaly detection, predicting errors and suboptimal operation, minimizing downtime doing maintenance at the correct time which can be planned ahead.

We are present on hydro power plants on a weekly basis, handling sensor installation and integration to all systems on the plant. Our solution is installed directly at sensor level, meaning that data degradation due to old systems and slow protocols are avoided. With our in-depth knowledge of the mechanical and electrical systems we know the required samples rates which are needed for capturing key dynamics of the process.

This is the reason our system is designed to handle up to 100 Hz continuous data stream from all analog sensors typically available at the plant. Together with the customer we assess the current instrumentation, and suggest potential new sensors recommended for a complete mapping of the condition of a power plan.

Such a high volume of data requires a large scale system from day one. We have designed our system on cloud solutions with our machine learning pipeline.

Read more in the Cloud and Machine Learning sections.

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