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First Hydrotrol 20 commissioned

Our next generation hydro turbine governor Hydrotrol 20 is now in commercial operation on a Francis unit. This marks an important milestone in the development of the Connexi™ platform.

A regular commissioning of the Hydrotrol 20 was completed in week 34 at one of our customers. This is the very first unit to install the new Hydro turbine governor from Hymatek.

Hydrotrol 20 marks the transition to our next generation of turbine controllers and has a high level of usability.

The governor comes with a newly developed easy-to-understand user interface. This allows end users to debug to a much greater extent without being dependent on special expertise. This is especially important in a world where more and more products are digitized.

The governor is also prepared for condition monitoring and logging of underlying and internal processes.


Hydrotrol 20 is built on the Connexi™ platform developed by Hymatek.

Development of the next generation controller platform has been going on for almost three years. A new platform was needed to clarify and accommodate new product areas, functions and data interfaces in the governor marked.

Hymatek has traditionally developed its own governors that are not based on proprietary PLC solutions. This approach is continued in the Connexi™ project. This means that we have full control of the life cycle of our products. In addition, we will be able to choose the best technology for the purpose, without being bound by industry-specific providers.

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