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First valve control on the Connexi platform commissioned

Hymatek has delivered and commissioned a valve control on the Connexi platform. This is another milestone in the development of Connexi. 

The scope of the project was the replacement of an existing PLS for controlling the main inlet valve. Connexi was therefore built into existing cabinet with the same interface to the control system and the main inlet valve. A human machine interface was installed on site according to the customer’s own request. The display enables easier troubleshooting for operating personnel because of the clear picture of the opening and closing sequence



Hymatek have received good feedback on the product and is working on further development. The use of the display for safe securing of the main inlet valve is one of the development task that is ongoing. In addition, the use of Connexi will enable increased monitoring and trending of the main inlet valve system.

Connexi valve control can be delivered with all of our valve controls. Valve Control

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