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Hymatek expands with new products

Effective from September 1th 2015, Hymatek expands and offers more products related to the waterway (system analysis, controls and protection). We take over two products from Rainpower; Electronic waterway protection (new product) and hydraulic valve control (MIV control).  I this  connection we receive personnel, enabling us to immediately handle sales, projects and product development. Waterway protection (and system analysis) will be handled by Mr. Bjørnar Svingen and valve controls will be handled by Mr. Odd Hermundsdal.


Odd Hermundsdal


Bjørnar Svingen

Both Odd and Bjørnar have extensive experience and they will continue to have vital roles within their fields. In addition to work on development and projects, they will serve as mentors end experts for other parts of the organisation. We are glad to welcome Odd and Bjørnar!

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