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Electronic Turbine Governor


HYDROTROL 2x is Hymatek Controls’ series of electronic turbine governors for all types of hydroelectric turbines. The technology in HYDROTROL 2x is based on more than 40 years of experience with electronic turbine governors and 25 years of experience in design and operation of digital governors.

HYDROTROL® 2x is available in three main designs:

  • HYDROTROL 2xK (for Kaplan turbine)
  • HYDROTROL 2xF (for Francis turbine)
  • HYDROTROL 2xP (for Pelton turbine)

The user interface of HYDROTROL 2x is displayed on a front-mounted touch screen (English version available). The state of the controller is presented in a user-friendly way, and current and historic error conditions are easy to read out. The user interface is also available as a PC application which can be displayed in the control room.

HYDROTROL 2x is a very flexible governor which is prepared for all types of plant-specific adaptations. A certain range of additional functions may be offered:

  • Redundant design
  • Generator synchronization function
  • Separate speed monitoring with one or two channels
  • Remote display of user interface

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