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Inlet valve control

Hymatek provides various solutions for controlling main inlet valves (MIV). The solutions range from water controlled to combination between water & oil controlled to exclusively oil controlled. On this page you can read about our solution for the water controlled valve control. Information about other types of control are available on request. The valve system can be supplied with the Connexi® based controller that has the option of displaying sequence and status information.

RP-VSV200 (water controlled)
The solution consists of a hydraulic control desk with electrical sequence control and easy accessible hand operated shutoff valves. The hand operated shutoff valves is utilized for manual emergency shutdown and for lock-out tag-out procedures when doing maintenance downstream the main inlet valve. All piping has connections of the Walform type, and AISI 316 material is utilized.

The standard solution has a maximum flow of 200 l/min. This solution can replace most older spherical valve controls in Norway without modifying the unit control system. It is also suitable for new power plants where the spherical main inlet valve is fitted with a water hydraulic cylinder for operation.
RP-VSV200 Valve Control Desk
Water hydraulic part with all control valves and hydraulic interlocking features

  • Main seal cannot be opened before spiral casing or distributor is pressurized
  • The spherical valve cannot start to open before the main seal is in the open position
  • Electrical part where the electrical sequences, relay solution, and all terminal blocks are fitted
  • Opening and closing commands from the unit control
  • All necessary feedback signals from the main inlet valve system
  • Local control
  • When a switch is set in LOCAL mode, the buttons VALVE SYSTEM OPEN and CLOSE are used to operate the valve
  • The bypass valve can also be operated with separate buttons


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