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Overspeed Relay

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All electronic turbine governors from Hymatek Controls can be delivered with built-in overspeed protection. This function is also available in a separate apparatus, TUVA.

TUVA® 2x

TUVA measures the rotation speed of the machine and provides output signals for different speed levels which in turn is used in the control and monitoring of the machine. Total 8 speed levels are available. The levels can be adjusted and covers the area from standstill to overspeed.

TUVA also acts as a protection unit that signal critical speed. TUVA is designed as a standalone product, but is often installed together with a turbine governor. Redundancy in the functionality can be achieved by the use of a turbine governor or alternatively with a secondary TUVA device.

The device is available in several versions:

  • TUVA 20: Over-speed protection, standard single-channel design delivered on the Connexi® platform
  • TUVA 22: Over-speed protection, two-channel design with redundant electronics delivered on the Connexi® platform

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