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Turbine Governor and Waterway Dynamics course with ICH

During the period 4.12 – 8.12, courses in Turbine Governor Principles and Waterway Dynamics were held by ICH. This year, Hymatek Controls was invited as a contributor to the course. The course was held at the Kafue Gorge Regional Training Center in Zambia.

Kafue Gorge regional training center

ICH – International Center for Hydropower – is a zero-profit organization supported by NORAD, which, through courses and other activities, aims to increase competence and promote sustainable development in hydropower. Read more about the work of ICH on their website: http://www.ich.no/

The course in 2017 collected a total of 16 participants from Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania and Nepal.

Some of the participants during the trip to Kafue Gorge power station

From Hymatek, Bjørnar Svingen and Kristoffer Kjelstadli addressed the topics of waterway dynamics and electronic turbine governor. There was great interest from the participants and many questions during both sessions.

There was also a trip to the Kafue Gorge power station.

The Kafue Gorge was built between 1967 and 1973 and consists of six Francis units of 150 MW each. Several Norwegian suppliers were involved in the construction of the power plant and Kværner was the supplier of the turbine


In recent years, Hymatek has delivered new electronic turbine regulators, Hydrotrol 10F, to all six units.


There were clear signs of Norwegian builders in the power plant and some rather special tools:









As part of the course, all participants presented the power system in their home country. For most countries access to electricity was below 20%. Potential for hydropower is obviously large in parts of Africa.

Hymatek Controls would like to thank ICH and all of the participants for a fantastic course and we hope that we will be invited to contribute again.

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